Congratulations, Fergie! It’s our Dutchess’ birthday today! #HappyBirthdayFergie
Today, March 27, is a very special day for all Fergie fans, as she celebrates another year of life. Thirty-nine (39) years ago, a super baby came to brighten many lives and was destined to walk a path of success....
Fergie supporting Gender-Based Violence initiative in Washington D.C.
Fergie is currently in Washington D.C. and was at the State Department yesterday to announce a new Justice Institute on Gender-Based Violence initiative to launch training programs in India, Nepal, South Africa, and Mexico. Fergie, as a global ambassador for the...
LUZ magazine: Fergie says that being a mom is the best thing she has ever done
Fergie is on the cover of the Argentine magazine, Luz, in its March issue, and she gave an exclusive interview. Check out the text, fully translated from Spanish, here: She has the gift to stand out everywhere: in sexy outfits on...
Fergie releases video for Calvin Klein campaign
Fergie posted a super sexy video for a new Calvin Klein campaign on her Instagram account. The #mycalvins campaign involves several artists, including Fergie, posting on their social networking sites their pictures in Calvin Klein underwear. Watch the video by...
Video by Outspoken reveals scenes of a new photo shoot
Avon Mexico released a video in which Fergie talks a little more about her fragrance, Outspoken, which, in collaboration with the beauty and cosmetics brand, was...
Fergie will have a song on “Neighbors” movie soundtrack
No, Fergie will not release a new song. At least not right now. But her first solo hit, “London Bridge,” from the 2006 album, The...
Fergie wishes a Happy International Women’s Day
Fergie made a video, congratulating women on their international day, which is today, March 8, and commenting on a very important cause. Watch the video below:...
Fergie’s new pictures for Wet n Wild and Fergie Footwear
We updated FergiePhotos with two promo pictures for the brands “Wet n Wild” and “Fergie Footwear”. The Fergie Footwear picture – taken when the singer was...
The Dutchess

The Dutchess

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The E.N.D

Black Eyed Peas
The E.N.D


The Dutchess

The Dutchess


The E.N.D

Black Eyed Peas
The E.N.D


Latest News
Happy birthday to our #lovelylady Fergie!
Happy birthday to our #lovelylady Fergie!

Another spring has come to our Fergie Ferg, and today, March 27th, she is 38 years old. Thirty-eight years of struggling, and countless dreams and achievements. And it is a pleasure for me to say, and, I think, I can say on behalf of all the Peabodies, how much I’m proud of having her as an idol. I’m proud to say I am a fan, that I pride myself in every smile and every victory she has made. And, for us, it’s

always a reason to smile about. After all, the love a fan feels is something inexplicable. It’s the love that shows us how far we can go for someone who means so much to us. Maybe, she can even think it’s another year passing by and that she’s getting older, but, for us, it’s nothing else than a moment of joy knowing and thinking of everything she has given us. Because seeing an idol happy is the fan’s biggest happiness.
And we want this victorious, brave warrior and loving, funny woman to not be afraid of dreaming, ever. Because we all know that she’s gonna fulfill her biggest wishes.
We could mention a hundred reasons why we love her, too. But it’s not necessary when the only thing we could ever say to her if we could contains only three words: I love you.
Anyway, Fergie, on behalf of our team – both FergieBR and FergieDaily, I wish you all the happiness in the world, especially at this so precious moment of having a child coming. Peace, love, success, and everything we wish for someone on her birthday! Haha. Though we might never meet you in person, all the Brazilian people have their arms open for you next week. Enjoy!
Congratulations and all the happiness in the world! Thank you for being who you are. We love you.

And as a tradition, do not forget about the hashtag #HappyBirthdayFergie on Twitter. Tweet it all day wherever you are. Be reminded that you must not post the tag more than once in the same tweet because Twitter considers it as spam!

 25/12      Natalia
    Thay says:

    #HappyBirthdayFergie Love her so much! <3333

    Brazilianfan says:

    Dear Fergie, first of all I wanna thank you for be my Idol for all this years,you definitely are a GREAT singer,woman,friend and now MOM.I wish the BEST for you in this new era.We always be there for you..I hope you have a great day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3

    Ferg you know you’re special. I wanna hold you tight, never let go, cause your love is like a magic. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BDAY DUTCHESS, I LOVE U SO MUCH <3

    Daegan says:


    @danrondon says:


    I love you, and I can’t wait to see you again in VENEZUELA, here there are so many peabodies, and we’re looking forwards to a second solo album, the dutchess is my favorite pop/rnb album ever, and I want some fresh music from you in my life.

    I miss your music, and I wish you and Josh have a beauuutiful and healthy baby, I really really wish that, and I would dream If you follow me on twitter at least. FAN SINCE I WAS 10 YEARS OLD, AND I’M 19 NOW, I L O V E Y O U!

    — @danrondon

    Renan says:

    Fergie, congratulations, many years of life, health and all the best to you! I love you more than anything in this world, but there are people who do not understand how I can love someone who does not know I exist, they do not need to understand, you gave me my greatest joys, you’re my reason for living, I love you. The first time I saw you was in the video for Shut Up, after then my life was illuminated by you, I have no words to show my love for you. I want to thank you for everything, you do not know me, but you saved my life every day, thank you. I could talk endless words to describe my love, but there are no words to show my love for you. I wish I could talk to you, send gifts, cards, this is just a message, but to me it means a lot, because if you read this will be the greatest joy of my life. I love you, thank you and congratulations!

    @PalomaPeabody says:


    @alissonOj says:

    Hap-pea Birthday Fergie Ferg!! Oh, i’m so proud for you and your baby!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! My Fergalicious, a lot of kisses, sucess, health and everything good that exists!! God bless you and your family always!! I LOVE YOU!! xoxoxo

    Danielle McLaughlin says:

    Hey FergieBR,

    Gorgeous, stunning banner that you created for Ferg’s B-Day. Lovely write up as well, you have spoken so eloquently for all of us. Thanks a million.

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