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Billboard: Mike Will Made-It is producing Fergie’s new solo album, to be released in 2015
Billboard website reported that a source close to Fergie revealed that the singer’s new solo album should be released in 2015, with its first single being released before the end of this year. In the article, they also reveal that...
Fergie appears on the final episode of Chelsea Lately
Fergie joined the last episode of Chelsea Handler ‘s talk-show, Chelsea Lately. The singer was part of a musical act alongside other artists, such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, and Sandra Bullock. Pictures...
Fergie attends Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival
Yesterday (22), Fergie attended the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival, an event with wine demonstrations from all over the world, including the Ferguson family. Besides the wine, some chefs attended the event. Fergie was accompanied by her sister Dana and...
Chelsea Lately: Fergie confirms that her new solo album is coming
Yesterday, August 14, the TV program Chelsea Lately, hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler, featured Fergie as a guest. She talked more on the Wet n Wild event that she attended earlier on that day, raising funds with Wet N Wild products to benefit the...
The Duhamel’s celebrate Axl’s first birthday with bash in Los Angeles!
The Duhamel family celebrated Axl’s first birthday with a birthday bash in Los Angeles, this Saturday (August 30). The baby celebrated his first year on Friday, August 29!...
Fergie to release her new solo album by the end of the year
Fergie was interviewed by Glamour. She talked about make-up, her wedding with actor Josh Duhamel, her son Axl Jack, and revealed that she will release her...
Visit the “Wild Orchid” channel on VEVO
The official Wild Orchid channel on VEVO was launched on Youtube, making it easy to search old Fergie videos of her in her former band,...
Fergie will have a song on “Neighbors” movie soundtrack
No, Fergie will not release a new song. At least not right now. But her first solo hit, “London Bridge,” from the 2006 album, The...
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Fergie launches eye makeup kits
Fergie launches eye makeup kits

Fergie is launching another makeup line with the cosmetics company, Wet n Wild. This time, it’s all about eye makeup! There are three kits in this collection:

1 – Glamour-Eyes, for your glamour side;

2 – Fergie Ferg Fresh, for your hip side;

3 – Ferga-Vicious, for your edgy side.

Contents of each kit:

1 four-pan powder eyeshadow palette;
1 shimmer pencil eyeliner;
1 liquid eyeliner;
1 mascara;
1 eyeshadow brush;
1 brow comb/brush.

Check out the kits in the photos below (click to enlarge):

The 3 kits

Check out more pictures: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |5 | 6 | 7


Enjoy and check out all the photos of Fergie for Wet n Wild:

 25/12      Kelley
    Mary says:

    Wow!I Don’t know which one I Want!They are all cool!Fergie Ferg Fresh looks insane!It is probably the one I May get!

    Sharon says:

    I watched GMA when Fergie was on promoting her makeup line CenterStage. I have looked EVERYWHERE for the product(s). Can someone tell me where I can find them? The Wet n Wild store displays have the advertisement(s) on the racks….but none of the product. What gives??

    Rachelle says:

    Get them at

    They are great products

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